Covid-19 may have entered India as early as November 2019 as some scientists estimate

As per scientists, the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of Indian strains was in circulation by December 11, 2019.

New information from scientists; Though Corona has first detected on 30th Jan 2020 but it has already entered on November 2019 . Corona was first found in a Man from Kerala on 30th Jan who had returned from Wuhan, China . Experts had declared that the source of the virus was from Wuhan. But in a nearby experiment scientists has experimented that the COVID-19 Virus has entered in INDIA on Nov 2019.

Scientists have inference that the virus has entered in INDIA in between Nov 26 to Dec 25 2109. This dangerous Novel coronavirus from China had spread in INDIA from the month of November.

CCMB from Hyderabad is measuring the timing of Corona virus in India. From Most recent common ancestor experiment scientists of MRCA has got some clues from corona. First virus has matched the virus from Wuhan but now after the experiment scientists have guessed that the virus is from south-east Asia.

It is still not clear whether passengers from China had introduced the virus to India before January 30 as no large-scale coronavirus tests used to be conducted at that time. Scientists at Hyderabad’s Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and other institutes have also found a different strain and named it as Clade I/A3i.

Top scientists from leading research institutes in the country have estimated that the ancestor of the novel coronavirus strain from Wuhan was in circulation by December 11, 2019

As per the daily, a “clade” is “a group of organisms believed to comprise all the evolutionary descendants of a common ancestor”.

The viral strain, which was discovered in the first coronavirus case in Kerala, had its roots in Wuhan. However, the one found in Hyderabad (Clade I/A3i) is different as it originated in a Southeast Asian country, not in China. CCMB director Dr Rakesh Mishra said it is not yet clear from which country did the new clade originate from.

The MRCA of Clade I/A3i was found to be in circulation between January 17 and February 25, with the median being February 8. Another clade “A2a, which is the predominant clade in India had a tMRCA of 2nd Jan 2020 (95% HPD Interval 13 Dec 2019 – 22 Jan 2020)”.

The research team also included experts from the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (Delhi) and the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (Ghaziabad).

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